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Boerderij de Baat was built in the 19th century.The current farm of de Baat family has been built in the 19th century. The age on the facade is 1839. In 30’s of the 19th century the farm is burned, on the same time as the neighbours on the Bovenkerkseweg. A valuation list from 1542 works out that there must have been farms on both places in the 16th century. By the flood in 1741 both buildings were heavily damaged, but survived.
Since 1830 generations of the de Baat family live in this farm.

The construction is deduced from the hall house type. Inside man manufactured a water attic, in case the cows had to go up in tidings of flood. Happily this never happened.
In 1984 the cows moved from the back home to the new cubicle house behind the farm.

In 1989 the facade has been renovated, and the wooden Westside has been brought in the origin status in 2003.

Dairy Farm

Our farm has about 65 milking cows. Each year they give 550000 kg. milk. The cows go outside from April till half November. This principally depends the moistury of the soil.
At night the cows stay inside.

We made a cowpath. They come home for the milking. Sometimes they walk 5 km. a day.

Take a look at the farm through the eyes of our visitors.